Joint Conference

The 13th Asia Academy of Management Conference &

2024 Taiwan Academy of Management Conference

Conference Dates: June 25-29, 2024


Asian Management in the Post-pandemic Era: Challenges and Opportunities

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2023 (Hong Kong Time) 

  Program Co-Chairs:

Wen-Dong Li, Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinmay Pattnaik, University of Sydney

Chai Lee Goi, Curtin University, Malaysia

 Local Host:

Faculty of Business, Curtin University, Malaysia

 Conference Venue:

Pullman Miri Waterfront Hotel and Curtin University, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

 Keynote Speakers:

Jane Lu, City University of Hong Kong Shige Makino, Kyoto University Mo Wang, University of Florida

 PhD Consortium Chair:

Mike Peng, University of Texas at Dallas

The Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) invites papers for its 13th biennial conference on the theme of “Asian Management in the post-pandemic era: Challenges and opportunities” and organization studies with Asia relevance.

 In the past few years, the world has witnessed unprecedented set of events and critical trends that have profound influences on the history of mankind. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed the way we live, work and interact with our communities. The advent of generative AI is poised to revolutionize business functions and workplace. The process of deglobalization including the changing nature of relationship between China and the Western countries, especially for the Sino-US relationship has altered the cross-border interactions.

Undoubtedly, these trends have been generating uncertainty and unpredictability, among other challenges for almost all kind of organizations. We are particularly interested to see how scholars in various disciplines are studying classic and emerging issues facing today’s organizations. More importantly, we welcome research that have insights for responses to these challenges in various academic areas of management research, including, but not limited to entrepreneurship, international business, human resource management, organizational behavior, leadership, and strategic management. Management research with Asia relevance is particularly welcome. Conceptual, theory‐ building, or empirical papers from the above areas are all suitable for the conference.

 The conference program will consist of keynote speeches, academic panels, competitive paper sessions, and interactive poster sessions. All panel and paper submissions will be competitively reviewed. We will also offer Professional Development Workshops (PDWs), consisting of (1) PhD consortium and (2) research methods workshops.


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Asia Pacific Journal of Management - Call for Special Issue Proposals

 Proposing a Special Issue

The editorial team of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM) invites submissions of special issue proposals for year 2024. The special issue proposal call is open to all areas of management, including organizational behavior, strategic management, human resource management, entrepreneurship, organizational theory, international business, and research methods. The proposals must have relevance to the Asia Pacific context. The APJM Editors will review the proposals and return with a decision on your proposal within one month of submission.

Your proposal should contain the points below and be no more than six pages (including points 5, 6 and references):

  1. An Executive Summary.
  2. Justifying its Importance - why the Special Issue is needed.
  3. Explaining why the issue is particularly suitable for APJM.
  4. Proposing its timeline.
  5. Backgrounds of the proposed Guest Editors, including visibility on the topic and editorial experience.
  6. A list of scholars who may be interested in submitting or acting as potential reviewers for your special issue. 

Editing Your Special Issue

If the proposal is approved, you will receive a decision letter providing feedback on your proposal and you will be assigned an APJM Editor (as supervising Editor). After the approval decision, the APJM Editor will join your editorial team to work with you on your Call for Papers and, eventually, on your Introductory piece. The APJM Editor will also provide advice on any issues that arise. Before any papers can be formally accepted, they must be signed off by the APJM Editor.

 It is important to note that Guest Editors are strongly suggested not to publish papers in the Special Issue apart from the introduction. Guest Editors are expected to ensure that the work required on the Special Issue reflects APJM standards. Regular updates may be requested regarding the status of papers under review, in order to assist with this. The paper submission process will be the same as for regular papers via APJM’s submission system (EM). A Special Issue should aim to be ready for publication within two years of the submission deadline.

 Promoting Your Special Issue

 APJM will work with Guest Editors to increase the visibility of the Special Issue in the months leading up to the submission deadline and once it has been published. At the same time, we expect that Guest Editors will also help to circulate the Call for Papers within their own personal networks, social media groups, and at any relevant conferences or workshops they may attend.

As part of the special issue, the guest editors may conduct a conference, PDW or workshop possibly at Guest Editor's institution or any host institution which would provide funding/facilities. Such activities are encouraged to facilitate submissions or to aid in the development of submitted papers. A symposium or PDW at a well-known conference may also be considered.

Submitting Your Proposal

The proposals need to be submitted no later than 31 November 2023. Please submit your proposal through email to Zhonghui HU at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have any queries, please contact the Editors-in-Chief Li-Qun Wei (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Chinmay Pattnaik (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

The Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) invites interested PhD students to participate in the PhD Consortium as part of the AAOM 2024 Conference in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, June 25, 2024.

The conference will be between June 25 and 29 (see and Eager to work with PhD students, participating faculty members include:

Mike Peng (AAOM PhD Consortium Chair; Jindal Chair of Global Strategy, University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

Subra Ananthram (Dean of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Business and Law; Associate Professor, Curtin University, Australia)

Garry Bruton (Professor, Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University, USA; Jilin University, China)

Tony Fang (Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden)

Ajai Gaur (Professor, Rutgers University, USA; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of World Business)

Chai Lee Goi (Associate Professor, Curtin University, Malaysia)

Dogan Gursoy (Taco Bell Distinguished Professor, Washington State University, USA)

Yuanyuan Huang (Associate Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University, China)

Jintong Tang (Mary Louise Murray Endowed Professor of Management, Saint Louis University, USA; Senior Editor, Asia Pacific Journal of Management)

Markus Taussig (Associate Professor, Rutgers University, USA)

Verner Worm (Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

Mo Wang (Associate Dean, Warrington College of Business; University Distinguished Professor, University of Florida, USA)

Xiaohua Yang (Professor, University of San Francisco, USA)

PhD students of any stage of the doctoral education are welcome. Interested students should (1) send an email to PhD Consortium Chair Mike Peng (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) expressing interest to participate and (2) attach their CV.

DEADLINE for submitting your interest to participate: Monday, March 25, 2024. Please note the date for the PhD Consortium is June 25, 2024—day 1 of the AAOM Conference.